Cost Sheet formula for manufacturer

Cost sheet formula includes prime cost, works cost, cost of production, cost of goods sold, cost of sales, etc.


Particulars Amount Amount
Opening Stock of Raw Material ***
Add: Purchase of Raw materials ***
Add: Purchase Expenses ***
Less: Closing stock of Raw Materials ***
Raw Materials Consumed ***
Direct Wages (Labour) ***
Direct Expenses ***
Prime cost ***
Add : Factory Over Heads:
Factory Rent ***
Factory Power ***
Indirect Material ***
Indirect Wages ***
Supervisor Salary ***
Drawing Office Salary ***
Factory Insurance ***
Factory Asset Depreciation ***
Works cost Incurred ***
Add: Opening Stock of WIP ***
Less: Closing Stock of WIP ***
Works cost ***
Add: Administration Over Heads:
Office Rent ***
Asset Depreciation ***
General Charges ***
Audit Fees ***
Bank Charges ***
Counting house Salary ***
Other Office Expenses ***
Cost of Production ***
Add: Opening stock of Finished Goods ***
Less: Closing stock of Finished Goods ***
Cost of Goods Sold ***
Add: Selling and Distribution OH:
Sales man Commission ***
Sales man salary ***
Traveling Expenses ***
Advertisement ***
Delivery man expenses ***
Sales Tax ***
Bad Debts ***
Cost of Sales ***
Profit (balancing figure) ***
Sales ***

·             Factory Over Heads are recovered as a percentage of direct wages 
·             Administration Over Heads, Selling and Distribution Overheads are recovered as a percentage of works


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