Multiline Description of Stock Item Master in Tally ERP 9

;; Multiline descrpition in stock item master – copy all above code in a txt file in tally folder and make change in
;; tally.ini file i.e. tdl=c:tallyerp9multilinedesc.txt  or give the right path of file  then in inventory features – enable multi line item descriptions (Don’t forget to take full tally data backup)

;;make sure to take backup of all data before applying this code on your own risk 
Objective(s) :-
–    Enables accepting Multiple Descriptions in Stock Item Master and the same is captured
    during Invoice Entry

Specific TDL Feature(s) used :-
–    User Defined Field & Collection
Last Updation :-
–    Altered on 23/12/2014

;; System UDF Definition

[System: UDF]

    TSPL FFE Description : String     : 20001
    TSPL FFE EnableDesc     : Logical    :  2000

;; Altering Company Features to add an Option

[#Part: CMP InvFeat Left]

    Add    : Lines : After    : CMP ActualQty    : TSPL FFE Enable MultiLineItemDesc

    [Line: TSPL FFE Enable MultiLineItemDesc]

        Fields    : Medium Prompt, TSPL FFE Enable MultiLineItemDesc
        Local   : Field : Medium Prompt : Info     : $$LocaleString:”Enable Multi Line Item Description ?”
        SpaceTop: 0.4

        [Field: TSPL FFE Enable MultiLineItemDesc]

            Use        : CMP ActualQty
            Storage    : TSPL FFE EnableDesc

;; Changes in Stock Item Master

[#Form: Stock Item]
    Option        : TSPL FFE Stock Item Enable MultiDesc    : @@TSPLFFEEnableDesc

    [!Form: TSPL FFE Stock Item Enable MultiDesc]

        Local: Part    : STKI Desc     : Repeat        : STKI Desc        :

TSPL FFE Description
        Local: Part    : STKI Desc     : Break On        : $$IsEmpty:

        Local: Part    : STKI Desc     : Scroll        : Vertical
        Local: Part    : STKI Desc     : Height        : 20% Page
        Local: Part    : STKI Desc     : Space Bottom    : 0
        Local: Part    : STKI Desc     : Delete        : Option        : Small Size

        Local: Line    : STKI Desc     : Space Top        : if $$Line > 1 then 0

else 0.25
        Local: Field: STKI Desc        : Storage        : TSPL FFE Description
        Local: Field: STKI Desc        : FullWidth        : Yes
        Local: Field: Short Prompt    : Inactive        : $$Line > 1

;; Collection Definition to collect Item Description

[Collection: TSPL FFE Item Decription]

    Type        : TSPL FFE Description     : Stock Item
    Child of     : #VCHStockItem

[#Part: EI DescExplosion]    ;; Setting the Number of Lines of Description at Part

    Option        : TSPL FFE EI DescExplosion Enable MultiDesc : @@TSPLFFEEnableDesc

    [!Part: TSPL FFE EI DescExplosion Enable MultiDesc]

        Set     : $$NumItems:TSPLFFEItemDecription
[#Field: EI Desc]     ;; Altering Description Field in Voucher to fetch Description from Item Master

    Option        : TSPL FFE EI Desc Enable MultiDesc    : @@TSPLFFEEnableDesc

    [!Field: TSPL FFE EI Desc Enable MultiDesc]

        Set as        : $$CollectionField:$TSPLFFEDescription:$


;; Formula Definition

[System: Formula]

    TSPL FFE EnableDesc    : $TSPLFFEEnableDesc:Company:##SVCurrentCompany

;; End-of-File


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