Application procedure for fresh IEC (Import Export Code)

IEC Applications can be submitted in three ways :

1. Filing application Online
2. Application can be submitted in person at office of Zonal
     Jt.DGFT(CLA),New Delhi.
3. Complete application can be sent to our office by post.
    Guidelines for filing online application are given at DGFT        website.

1. How to submit application
Application can be submitted in person by Authorised Representative of the Company at the R & I counters in the office on any working day between 10.00am to 1.00pm Or It can be sent by post/courier. The procedure for submitting IEC application using option 2 & 3 are given below:

2. Mandatory documents with application for IEC
A. For Fresh IEC(Para 2.9 of Handbook of Procedure Vol.I 2009-14):-
1. Covering letter.
2.Authority Letter with photograph authorizing the employee who will be submitting the application at the counter.
3. Application Form (ANF-2A, Part A, B & D) to be filled in and all pages to be signed by the applicant.
4. Application must be accompanied by documents as per details given below:
3.1.1 Bank Certificate as per the Proforma (Part B) in the application. The Banker must certify:-
(a) The details of the a/c including the nature of a/c, the a/c number with date from which the account is maintained by the applicant firm,
(b) Registered/official address of the firm, and
(c) Photograph of the applicant.
The signing official of the Bank must put his/her official name seal with designation and E-mail ID.
3.2(a) In case of Limited companies (both Private and Public Ltd.):
(i) Extract of Board of Resolution in favour of the applicant.
(ii) Memorandum of Association along with Certificate of
(iii) Form 32 in case of change of Directors and Form 18 in case of change of Registered office-wherever applicable.
(b) In case of Partnership firm:
(i) Notarized Partnership Deed showing date of formation of the firm.
(ii) No Objection Certificate from other Partners/HUF.
3.3 Self certified copy of Permanent Account Number Card (PAN Cardboth sides) issued by Income Tax Department. The application for IEC to be made only after obtaining the PAN from the Income Tax Department.
3.4 Two passport size photographs of the applicant.
3.5 Self addressed envelope with Rs. 30 postal stamp.
3.6 Demand draft/Pay Order for Rs. 250/-
B. For Duplicate IEC:-
Please refer Para 2.9 and 2.14 of HBP(Vol.I)-2009-14(updated on 23.8.2010).
Documents to be submitted:-
1. All documents as applicable for fresh IEC
2. In addition, an affidavit as per Appendix 24. (Click here for Format)
3. Copy of FIR
4. Demand draft/Pay Order for Rs. 200/-
C. For modification of existing IEC:-
1. Application form Part A, C & D to be filled in and all pages of the application to be signed.
2. Proof of change of name/address/branches/constitution of Ltd. companies etc.(Form 32/Form 18)
3. Fresh Bank certificate certifying the detail of the bank A/c, registered address, and photographs of the applicant in case of change of applicant(whose photo is to be affixed in the IEC)
4. Demand draft/Pay order for Rs. 1000/- for modification of existing IEC in name, constitution, address is made within 90 days from such change then no fee is required to be paid.

3. Fees:
? Rs. 250/- for Fresh IEC
? Rs. 200/- for duplicate IEC
? Rs. 1000/- for modification of existing IEC in name, constitution & address, if the application is submitted after 90 days from such change. (If application is submitted within 90 days no fees is charged for modification in IEC).
The amount should be in the form of Demand Draft/Pay order from any designated bank in favour of Zonal Joint Director General of Foreign Trade, (CLA), New Delhi. Treasury Receipt from the following designated Central Bank of India branches is also accepted ? Udyog Bhawan, New Delhi – 110011
? 10, Community Centre, Lawrence Road, Delhi-11035
? 18/4, Asaf Ali Road, New Delhi – 110001
? 55, Madhubani, Nehru Place, New Delhi-110019.
C. Counter Assistance:-
The staff at the IEC counter will check the documents as per the check list, which need to be filed by him/her. If the documents are not sufficient, then he/she will return the application there and then.

4. Processing of Application
The application can be submitted at the counter in person at the office or it can be sent through Post/Courier. An acknowledgement in form of a receipt having File Number is generated on receipt of application. The file number is used for any correspondence/query regarding the IEC application submitted to the office. The application is then sent to IEC section where it is processed. If the application is found complete in all aspects (as per requirements prescribed) an IEC is generated, or else a deficiency letter stating the nature of deficiency is prepared and sent to the applicant. Replies are awaited in cases where deficiency letter is issued and after due compliance by the applicant the IEC is allotted.

5. Issue and Despatch of IEC
IEC allotment letter is sent through post at the registered office mentioned by the applicant in the application. Similarly deficiency letters are sent to applicant by post.

6. IEC application status available on the website of CLA
( )

7. The BIN (Business Identification Number) number generated by the customs
authorities can be viewed on:

8. Help contact
PBX No. Tel-011-23379111, 23379112, 23379113
e-mail :
Public Relation Officer – 23378740