Bank Audit Checklist for Housing Loan


Checklist for Bank Audit of Housing Loan

1.  Borrower & Guarantors’ profile with Photographs, ID & Address proof copy.
2.  PAN Card copy of borrower & guarantors.
3.  CIBIL of borrower & guarantors.
4.  Documents should be self attested & verified with original.
5.  3 years ITR of borrower & guarantors.
6.  Salary slips of borrower & guarantors.
7.  Bank pass sheet for the last 6 months are obtained and verified.
8.  Legal opinion (as the case)
9.  Property Valuation Report (not more than 3 years old)
10.Creation of EM

12.Pre sanction & Post sanction Inspection report
13.Approval  of  the  name  of  the  builder  from  circle  head  is  available  in  case  of
purchase of house/flat from a builder.
14.Insurance policy of building with bank clause.
15.Appropriate ROI & Proper margin is stipulated.
17.Processing charges
18.Documentation charges
19.Inspection charges
20.Mortgage charges

In case of building under construction: 

21.Limit will be disbursed stage by stage.
22.Photo of the building /  flat under construction are obtained at each stage of
construction and countersigned by branch official who has visited the site with
23.The site inspection is done on a rotation basis by the branch officials at each
stage of construction.
24.The work completion certificate issued by the builder is countersigned by the
architect at each stage of disbursement.
25.Bills/vouchers (in detail) are submitted at the time of each disbursement.
26.Valuation report to be obtained after completion of construction.
27.Building will be insured after completion.
28.Check repayment schedule. Repayment should be start after 12/15/18 months.
As the case may be.