CA Fees estimation letter for Internal Audit


Date: 1-Apr-2022



Respected Sir / Madam

Subject:            Estimate of fees for carrying on Internal Audit – shared as per your request over phone / email

Reference:        Based on phone call / email from your representative Mr. ________________ on _________

In connection with the request made by Mr. / Mrs. _____________________ (Designation: ___________ ) of your concern, we have furnished hereunder an estimate of fees for the assignment proposed:

Sl.No.Description of WorkEstimate of Days / Hours / Units involvedAmount (INR)
1Internal Audit FeesFlat Rate0.0
2Certification Fees (For Internal Purposes)Rs.____/- per certificate issued0.0
3Certification Fees (For External Purposes)Rs.____/- per certificate issued0.0
4Travel ExpensesAs the work requiresAs per Actual Claim Forms and/or proofs submitted

Kindly note that the estimate of fees shared above is based on the facts and statements made during the conversation with the aforementioned representative of your concern. Any deviations therefrom in the scope of work, reporting formats and certificates to be issued requiring additional professional hours from our part shall warrant an increase in fees stated above.

Other Payment terms:

  • All our bills are due within 10 days of being generated.

Yours truly


Chartered Accountants

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Chartered Accountant

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