Checklist for Statutory Compliance of HR Department

HR Checklist  ~ Statutory Compliance

Contract Labour Act
License No  and validity
Muster Roll XVI
Register of wages XVII
Register of Deductions XX
Register of  Fines
Register of Advances XXII
Register of  OT XXIII

Wage Slips XIX
Register of Persons Employed -XIII
Employment Card XIV
Service Certificate XV
Half Yearly Return XXIV
Notice of Commencement / completion of contract FORM – VI A
Whether e Payment in presence of Rep. Principal Employer & attested
PF Code Number
Whether contract employee is enrolled as member of the fund soon after his reporting for duty
Whether nomination in FORM No 2 is collected.
Details of PF contribution & Remittances made for the last six months
Details regarding monthly submission of FORM 5 FORM 10 & 12A
Whether Annual Returns Submitted ?
Whether Inspection Book Maintained?
Minimum Wages ACT
Whether Minimum wages paid
Whether OT working  is there , if Yes , Rate of payment of OT
Register of Wages FORM V maintained
Muster Roll  Form VII
Register    of Deduction FORM II maintained
Register of   Fines  FORM I maintained
Combined Annual return in FORM III sent ?
Register OT  FORM IV maintained
Wage Slip FORM VI maintained

Payment of wages Act
Whether Register of  Fines FORM I maintained
Whether Register of Deductions FORM II maintained
Whether Register Of Wages FORM III maintained
Whether Annual Return  submitted in FORM IV
Whether Abstract of the Act in FORM V displayed on the Notice Board.