Conversion of Private Company into Public Company

Updated information about Conversion of Private Company into Public Company 

• Convene the Board Meeting
 a) For Conversion
 b) For calling of EGM
2. Issue of notice according to section 101
3. Hold Meeting &  Pass S/R (u/s sec14 and u/s sec13)
4. ROC filing 
• MGT-14 within 30 days of passing S/R u/s(14 and 13)
• Attachment of MGT-14
 a] Copy of S/R
 b] Altered MOA
 c] Altered AOA

 d] Copy of board resolution
5. As per Rule 33 of companies (incorporation) rules 2014
• Application shall be filed in INC-27 
Attachments of INC-27
a) Minutes of Members Meeting where approval was given for conversion and 
Altered AOA
b) Altered article of association
c) Copy of Board resolution
6. Post Conversion Formality
 i) Intimate to various departments like. Excise ,Sales Tax
ii) Arrange new Pan number
iii) Update company bank accounts details.

1. u/s sec 13 name change shall be done by deleting the word ‘’Private’’.
2. u/s sec 14 delete the 3 restrictions given under the meaning of private company.
3. Procedure of u/s section  13( name change)
4. Special Resolution shall be Passed
5. MGT-14
6. INC-1
6. INC-27