Document Listing for NBFC for Registration and Certification from RBI

List of documents to be be submit with application from NBFC 

(Non Banking Financial Companies) to RBI.  

Here is documents descriptions for NBFC (Min.NOF requirement Rs. 200 lakh) 

1Minimum NOF requirement Rs. 200 lakh.
2Application to be submitted in two separate sets tied up properly in two separate files.
3Annex II to be submitted duly signed by the director/Authorized signatory and certified
by the statutory auditors.
Annex III (directors’ profile) to be separately filled up for each director. Care should be
4taken to give details of bankers in respect of firms/companies/entities in which directors have substantial interest.
5In case the directors are associated or have substantial interest in other companies,
indicate clearly the activity of the companies (whether NBFC or not).
6Board Resolution specifically approving the submission of the application and its
contents and authorising signatory.
Board Resolution to the effect that the company has not accepted any public deposit, in
7the past (specify period)/does not hold any public deposit as on the date and will not accept the same in future without the prior approval of Reserve Bank of India in writing.
Board resolution stating that the company is not carrying on any NBFC activity/stopped
8NBFC activity and will not carry on/commence the same before getting registration from
9Auditors Certificate certifying that the company is/does not accept/is not holding Public
10Auditors Certificate certifying that the company is not carrying on any NBFC activity.
11Net owned fund as on date.
12Certifying compliance with section 45S of Chapter IIIC of the RBI Act, 1934 in which
director/s of the company has substantial interest.
13Details of changes in the Memorandum and Articles of Association duly certified.
14Last three years Audited balance sheet along with directors & auditors report.
15Details of clauses in the memorandum relating to financial business.
16Details of change in the management of the company during last financial year till date
if any and reasons thereof.
17Details of acquisitions, mergers of other companies if any together with supporting
18Details of group companies/associate concerns/subsidiaries/holding companies.
19Details of infusion of capital if any during last financial year together with the copy of
return of allotment filed with Registrar of Companies.
20Details of the bank balances/bank accounts/complete postal address of the
branch/bank, loan/credit facilities etc. availed.
21Business plan for next three years indicating market segment to be covered without any
element of public deposits.
22Cash flow statement, asset/income pattern statement for next three years.
23Brief background note on the activities of the company during the last three years and
the reasons for applying for NBFC registration.
II(b) is the company engaged in any capital market activity? If so, whether there has
24been any non-compliance with SEBI Regulations? (Statement to be certified by
25Whether any prohibitory order was issued in the past to the company or any other

Sr No.Description
NBFC/RNBC with which the directors/promoters etc. were associated? If yes, details
there of.
26Whether the company or any of its directors was/is involved in any criminal case,
including under section 138(1) of the Negotiable Instruments Act? If yes, details thereof.
27Whether the company was granted any permission by ECD to function as Full-fledged
Money Changers?
28Whether the company was/is authorised by ECD to accept deposits from NRIs.
29Whether “Fit and Proper” Norms for Directors have been fulfilled.