Format of declaration for creation of HUF


I, ________________ son of __________________ residing at ______________________ aged ___Adult do hereby declare-

  1. That I am Karta of ___________________________________________ .
  • That I received on behalf of the H U F gift of Rs. ___________ by way of CASH/CHEAUE from my FATHER/MOTHER ___________________________(name of relative of karta of HUF) on dt.  _______________ this formed the corpus of the HUF.
  • That the HUF at present is consisting of the followings members
  1. Shri _____________________, Adult, Residing at _________________
    1. Smt. _____________________, Adult, Residing at _________________
    1. Kumari _________________-Minor, Residing at ___________________
  • That the above statements are true to the best of my knowledge & belief. Declare this on ______Day  ________of _______

For __________________ HUF



  1. ————————————–   (_____________________)
  • ————————————–   (_____________________)

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