How to digitally sign microsoft office word or excel document

Step by step process for digitally sign word, excel file
  1.  In E -Filing Website It Is Clearly Given That “Where there is a requirement in the form to submit a signed copy of documents by an assessee/CA as an attachment, Upload the Scan Copy of the attachments.
  2.  In My View it is safer to upload Physically Signed Copy Of Audit Report + Balance Sheet + Statement of Profit And Loss +Notes To Accounts.
  3.  Sd/- Signed Copy is to be Avoided.
  4. You can upload digitally signed Copy of Audit Report + Balance Sheet+ Statement of Profit And Loss +Notes To Accounts.

The Process is as follows :
  1.  Install The Digital Signature/ Pfx File Of Client & CA.
  2.  Open the Word/Excel File
  3.  Place Cursor where u want to digital sign
  4.  In Microsoft word/Excel Go To Tab “INSERT” and Click On “Signature Line”
  5.  Click On OK
  6.  Fill the Data as per screen Shot and Click “OK”
  7.  Repeat the same process 3 to 6 for Putting Digital Sign of Your Client by placing cursor at another place
  8. After the Process your file appears as follows:-
  9. Click on each symbol and Fill the Name in X and Select the Digital signature by using Change Option and SIGN
  10. Repeat the process Stated In 9 for your client also.
  11. Convert the word/Excel File In PDF.