How to file TDS return (Regular / Original / Quarterly)

[A] Procedure of Download & File of E-TDS/TCS Return Preparation Utility (RPU)
1        1.  Go to
2        2.  Select e-TDS / TCS Filing link
3        3.  Select e-TDS/e-TCS RPU link
4        4.  Go to RPU for Quarterly Returns
5        5.  Download “Download RPU version xxx”
6        6.  Unzip the RPU Version xxx
7        7.  Then in “C” drive e-TDS RPU folder will create
8        8.  Double click on “RPU” application
9        9.  You will find a new window of NSDL Quarterly E-TDS/TCS Return Preparation Utility (RPU)
1      10.   Select Form no from the list
          24 Q for salary
          26 Q for other than salary
1       11.   Fill all information in Form – Challan – Annexure I
           Meanwhile you will required Challan Details which you will find in [B]
1       12.   After filling all information go to Create File
1       13.   Then FVU extension (Internet explorer)file will create, in that you need to check that there is no any
[B] How to download Challan details from NSDL
1     14.   Go to
1     15.   Select Challan Status Enquiry
1     16.   Click to check status
1     17.   Select TAN Based View
1     18.   Fill all information and download Challan File
[C] Return Submission to NSDL Center
Take soft copy of FVU extension (Internet explorer)in USB along with 27A hard copy and submit to NSDL
Go to download Form No. 16

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