Ledgers Grouping in Tally ERP 9

Tally ledgers grouping is very much important part of Tally ERP 9 implementation. Tally Erp 9 software have in-built main basic groups. We need to create some sub groups under basic groups and create ledgers under each group as needed.   Updated main Groups and Sub-Groups list with respected ledger names  


Tally Group Tally Ledger
Bank Overdraft Bank Overdraft
Capital Drawing
Capital Light Bill Of House (Drawing)
Capital Telephonebill Of House (Drawing)
Current Assets Bills Receivable
Current Assets Office Instrument (equipments)
Current Assets Deposited (Investment) In Share
Current Assets Goodwill
Current Assets Advanced Paid Premium
Current Assets Unreceived commission
Current Assets Loan In Staff
Current Liabilities Bills Payable
Current Liabilities Bank Loan
Current Liabilities Unpaid Salary
Current Liabilities Advanced Received Interest
Direct Expenses Inward Carriage
Direct Expenses Railway Freight
Direct Expenses Wages
Direct Expenses Rent & Taxes
Fixed Assets Motor Car
Fixed Assets Furniture
Fixed Assets Vehicle
Fixed Assets Machinery
Fixed Assets Building
Income Revenue Discount Received
Income Revenue Discount Received
Income Revenue Commission Received
Income Revenue Interest Received
Income Revenue Interest In Loan In Staff
Indirect Expenses Outward Carriage
Indirect Expenses Discount Payable
Indirect Expenses Bad Debts
Indirect Expenses Depreciation
Indirect Expenses Salary
Indirect Expenses Post And Telegram Expenses
Indirect Expenses Discount Paid
Indirect Expenses Commission Paid
Indirect Expenses Printing & Stationary Expenses
Indirect Expenses Repairs Of Machinery
Indirect Expenses Light Bill Of Office
Indirect Expenses Telephone Expenses
Indirect Expenses Bony
Indirect Expenses Insurance Premium
Indirect Expenses Office Rent
Indirect Expenses Office Expenses
Indirect Expenses Advertisement
Indirect Expenses Interest On Bank loan
Indirect Expenses Charity
Indirect Expenses Income Tax
Loan Assets Loan Payable
Loan Liabilities Loan Received
Purchase A/c. Purchase
Purchase A/c. Purchase Return
Sales A/c. Sales
Sales A/c. Sales Return
Sales A/c. Goods Tempts
Sales A/c. Goods In Fire
Sales A/c. Goods Lost
Stock In Hand Opening Stock
Sundry Creditors Creditors
Sundry Debtors Debtors
Sales A/c. Goods Loss By Rain
Indirect Expenses Shop Rent
Indirect Expenses Donation
Fixed Assets Type Writer
Indirect Expenses Dharmada
Fixed Assets Computer
Sales A/c. Loss By Flood
Current Assets Royalty
Direct Expenses Custom Duty
Direct Expenses Conveyance
Current Assets Patents
Indirect Expenses Legal Expenses
Indirect Expenses Demurrage
Indirect Expenses Remuneration
Indirect Expenses Professional Tax Paid
Indirect Expenses Dead stock
Current Assets Lease Hold Land
Current Assets Lease Hold Premises
Indirect Expenses Honorarium
Income Revenue Rent Received
Indirect Expenses Rent Paid
Income Revenue Compensation Received
Indirect Expenses Compensation Paid
Indirect Expenses Loss
Current Liabilities Rent Received In Advanced


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