Ledgers Grouping in Tally ERP 9

Tally ledgers grouping is very much important part of Tally ERP 9 implementation. Tally Erp 9 software have in-built main basic groups. We need to create some sub groups under basic groups and create ledgers under each group as needed.   Updated main Groups and Sub-Groups list with respected ledger names  


Tally GroupTally Ledger
Bank OverdraftBank Overdraft
CapitalLight Bill Of House (Drawing)
CapitalTelephonebill Of House (Drawing)
Current AssetsBills Receivable
Current AssetsOffice Instrument (equipments)
Current AssetsDeposited (Investment) In Share
Current AssetsGoodwill
Current AssetsAdvanced Paid Premium
Current AssetsUnreceived commission
Current AssetsLoan In Staff
Current LiabilitiesBills Payable
Current LiabilitiesBank Loan
Current LiabilitiesUnpaid Salary
Current LiabilitiesAdvanced Received Interest
Direct ExpensesInward Carriage
Direct ExpensesRailway Freight
Direct ExpensesWages
Direct ExpensesRent & Taxes
Fixed AssetsMotor Car
Fixed AssetsFurniture
Fixed AssetsVehicle
Fixed AssetsMachinery
Fixed AssetsBuilding
Income RevenueDiscount Received
Income RevenueDiscount Received
Income RevenueCommission Received
Income RevenueInterest Received
Income RevenueInterest In Loan In Staff
Indirect ExpensesOutward Carriage
Indirect ExpensesDiscount Payable
Indirect ExpensesBad Debts
Indirect ExpensesDepreciation
Indirect ExpensesSalary
Indirect ExpensesPost And Telegram Expenses
Indirect ExpensesDiscount Paid
Indirect ExpensesCommission Paid
Indirect ExpensesPrinting & Stationary Expenses
Indirect ExpensesRepairs Of Machinery
Indirect ExpensesLight Bill Of Office
Indirect ExpensesTelephone Expenses
Indirect ExpensesBony
Indirect ExpensesInsurance Premium
Indirect ExpensesOffice Rent
Indirect ExpensesOffice Expenses
Indirect ExpensesAdvertisement
Indirect ExpensesInterest On Bank loan
Indirect ExpensesCharity
Indirect ExpensesIncome Tax
Loan AssetsLoan Payable
Loan LiabilitiesLoan Received
Purchase A/c.Purchase
Purchase A/c.Purchase Return
Sales A/c.Sales
Sales A/c.Sales Return
Sales A/c.Goods Tempts
Sales A/c.Goods In Fire
Sales A/c.Goods Lost
Stock In HandOpening Stock
Sundry CreditorsCreditors
Sundry DebtorsDebtors
Sales A/c.Goods Loss By Rain
Indirect ExpensesShop Rent
Indirect ExpensesDonation
Fixed AssetsType Writer
Indirect ExpensesDharmada
Fixed AssetsComputer
Sales A/c.Loss By Flood
Current AssetsRoyalty
Direct ExpensesCustom Duty
Direct ExpensesConveyance
Current AssetsPatents
Indirect ExpensesLegal Expenses
Indirect ExpensesDemurrage
Indirect ExpensesRemuneration
Indirect ExpensesProfessional Tax Paid
Indirect ExpensesDead stock
Current AssetsLease Hold Land
Current AssetsLease Hold Premises
Indirect ExpensesHonorarium
Income RevenueRent Received
Indirect ExpensesRent Paid
Income RevenueCompensation Received
Indirect ExpensesCompensation Paid
Indirect ExpensesLoss
Current LiabilitiesRent Received In Advanced