New Procedure on MVAT


Maharashtra Sales Tax Department is making substantial changes in its automation processes relating to taxpayer interface, w.e.f F.Y 2016-17.
This is expected to result into significantly more efficiency in the working of the Department, less errors due to minimum human intervention and maximum benefits in relation to time management.

Under New Process the dealer is required to give invoice wise details each local taxable, tax free, exempt, inter-state transactions etc for Sales & Purchases in Annexure of the Return Form which have been integrated with the returns. These Sales and Purchase annexure will be linked to respective MVAT Return Forms like Form 231, 232, 233, 234, 235 & Form III E under the CST Act.

Following details are required for sales & Purchase annexure:
a. Sales / Purchase Invoice No.
b. Sales / Purchase Invoice date (dd/mm/yy)
c. TIN of the Purchaser/Seller (if TIN is available)– This 11 digit TIN No. is important so that the credit of tax paid will be available to the purchaser.
d. Taxable Value or Value of Composition in case of Works Contract.
e. Tax amount (if separately mentioned in the invoice)
f. Value (if) inclusive of Tax.
g. Value of sales under Composition Scheme other than Works Contract.
h. Tax Free Sales.
i. Exempted sales u/s41 & 8.
j. Labour charges.
k. Other charges.
l. Gross Total.
m. Action (No clarity available till now as to what kind of information is to a to be entered for this column)

Quarter 1 ( April- June)21st July 
Quarter 2 ( July- September)21st October 
Quarter 3 (October- December)21st January 
Quarter 4 (January- March)21st April