Tally ERP 9 Tips and Tricks

When you want to repeat last narration of last voucher, then go to narration of the voucher and Press Ctrl +R it will place the last narration and will save your time to write to write narration again and again
You are entering vouchers and suppose you made a mistake in entry however the voucher was saved now you want to alter it, then you will need to follow a big long procedure.
But I will explain you here by which you will be able to modify the voucher without going to related ledger account and without leaving voucher entry screen, Hit the page up button from your voucher screen and you will find the last entered voucher there. now you can modify it easily alter the voucher.
Similarly you can edit any voucher by this way by selecting a date and pressing page up button again and again and you will find voucher entries one by one for that particular date.
Sometimes Ago, I already explained how to create a new ledger account when you are in the middle of a voucher just press ctrl+c and you will find the ledger creation screen and if you want to alter name or group of any ledger you can also do the same without leaving the voucher entry screen. just recall that voucher select the ledger you wanted to alter press enter one time you and go the amount field now hit back button and come back to the same ledger account and press Ctrl+Enter here you can modify name ,group or any details you want to modify
You are entering amount and suppose you want to do calculation and you need the result of these calculation to be entered in the amount field. Here is a short cut for this too. Go to amount field and Press Ctrl+C and you will be redirected to calculation pane at the bottom of your tally screen.Make your calculation and after that Press ENTER the amount will be automatically field in the amount column
Wanted to send a screen shot of your tally voucher entry of tally screen or even a ledger ?
okay go the screen for what you wanted to take a screen shot and press PrtScr button of your key board (top right side of your keyboard) now go word press or excel and just press Ctrl+V and you will find the screen shot of your tally screen. you may send this through email to any body you wish so.

Wanted to delete a voucher ? okay go to that particular voucher and Press Alt +D

More tips and tricks very soon.. visit again.. Thanks