Audit Checklist for Grant and Entitlement Monitoring



1)   Has the agency properly assigned responsibility for monitoring grant activities?
2)   Does the agency have a central grants monitoring activity?
3)   Does the agency have procedures to monitor compliance with the following?
a)   Financial reporting requirements?
b)   Use of funds and other conditions in accordance with grant terms?
c)   Timely billing of amounts due under grants?
4)   Is accounting for grant activity separated from accounting for locally funded activities?
5)   Does the agency have a system for obtaining grantor approval before incurring expenditures in excess of budgeted amounts or for unbudgeted expenditures?
6)   Are processing of grant revenues and disbursements subject to the same degree of controls applicable to the organization’s other transactions (budget, purchasing, etc.)?
7)   Does standard subgrantee agreement require the subgrantee to comply with primary grant agreement conditions as well as grantee’s standards?
8)   Are reasonable procedures and controls in place to provide assurances of compliance with recipient eligibility requirements established by grants?
9)   Has the agency established an indirect cost allocation plan if applicable?
a)   Is the plan approved by federal/cognizant agency?
1)     Do entitlement controls include the following:
a)     Comparison of the amount of funds received with the amount anticipated, by a responsible official, and investigation of unusual variances?
b)    Procedures to ensure funds received are spent in accordance with legal requirements and spending restrictions?