Bank Audit Checklist for Educational Loan

Bank Audit Checklist ~ Educational Loan

1.  Loans are granted to borrowers residing NEAR THE BRANCH.
2.  Guardian/parents’ profile with Photographs, ID & Address proof.
3.  Copy of mark sheets & certificates of the student.
4.  Documents should be self attested & verified with original.

5.  CIBIL of guardian/parents. 
6.  Students pursuing their studies in affiliated universities/colleges ONLY. 
7.  Prospectus & Fee details. 
8.  Loan quantum is restricted to 10 % of the total tuition fee of the entire course. 
9.  If the student is a minor, is the loan granted only to the parent/guardian and 
     undertaking letter obtained from the minor on attaining majority? 
10.Yearly progress reports/ course completion certificate/ employment details are