Basic Rules of Data Entry in Tally ERP 9

There is six basic option for data entry in Tally ERP : Purchase, Sales, Receipt, Payment, Contra, Journal. For data entry in Tally Erp 9 we must have to know, where to DR and CR, Here is simple rules for Data entry in Tally ERP 9.

F4CONTRACash DepositCash Withdraw
ContraCrTo Cash A/cCrTo Bank A/c
ContraDrBank A/cDrCash A/c
F5PAYMENTParty PaymentExpences Payment
PAYMENTDrParty Name A/cDrExpences A/c
PAYMENTCrCash / bank A/cCrCash / bank A/c
F7JURNELPurchase ReturnSales Return
JURNELDrParty Name A/cDrSales Return
JURNELCrPurchase ReturnCrParty Name A/c
F6RECIPTParty ReceiptIncome Receipt
RECIPTCrParty Name A/cCrIncome Name A/c
RECIPTDrCash / bank A/cDrCash / bank A/c
F8SALESCash SalesCredit Sales
SALESDrCash / bank A/cDrParty Name A/c
SALESCrSales A/cCrSales A/c
F9PURCHASECash PurchaseCredit Purchase
PURCHASECrCash / bank A/cCrParty Name A/c
PURCHASEDrPurchase A/cDrPurchase A/c

Final Entries (closing) in Tally ERP 9