ESIC (Employee’s State Insurance Corporation) Registration Procedure for Employer


Registration of a factory/establishment with the Employees’ State Insurance Corporation is a statutory responsibility of the employer under Section 2-A of the Act read with Regulation 10-B. The employer, in respect of a factory/establishment to which the Act applies for the first time, is liable to furnish Declaration of Registration in Form 01 (Employers’ Registration Form) to the concerned Regional / Sub Regional Office  within 15 days after the Act becomes applicable.

This is obligatory on the part of the Employer. In addition to this, the employer will have to indicate, in a separate sheet, the name and address of the factory/establishment, number of employees, nature of duty and name, designation and address of the Manager, controlling such persons in respect of any other office(s) situated outside the premises of the Factory/ Establishment.

Procedure for Registration of Factories
Step 1 :
Ascertain whether your factory / establishment is situated within the area of implementation by ESIC (Implemented area). Regional Office, Sub Regional Office, Branch Offices, and Inspectorates Office of ESIC will guide you, on this matter, if contacted.
Step 2.
It is statutory responsibility of the employer to get his factory registered under the ESI as per Section 2A of the Act, read with Regulation 10 B within 15 days of establishing or 15 days after the Act becomes applicable to the area in which the factory is situated. A declaration of registration in Form 01 (Employer’s Registration form) is to be submitted to the appropriate office (Regional Office, ESI Corporation,Chennai in your case) for the purpose.
Step 3.
The Sub Regional Office will allot a specific code number in Form C-11, after examining the aspect of coverage. This number so allotted is very specific for the employer and the same has to be used in all correspondence with ESIC. The area Branch Office to which the particular employer attached is the “Appropriate Office” for “Registration of Employees”. List of Branch Offices and Dispensaries under the Coimbatore Sub Region is furnished in a separate Booklet.

Sub Code Number

There may be a case where the employer is having the main factory / establishment at one station and sub-unit, branch office, sales office or registered office at another station, either within the State or outside the State; In all such cases, on request of the employer to the Regional Office / Sub Regional Office concerned, Sub-Code number is allotted to each sub-unit, branch office, sales office and registered office.