How to get Income Tax Refund quickly

Income tax refund is often a long winding process that can require a lot of effort as well as time. While luck will play some role in exactly how quickly a refund comes, there are several things that can be done by even small individuals which can ensure that they are able to get their refund quickly and that too without any problems.Here are some of the things to watch out for while handling the entire income tax refund process so that this is completed quickly. While these factors might not guarantee a quick refund under all circumstances, it will be an effort that will help the taxpayer.

File the income tax return in time
The entire tax refund process starts with them taking some specific action. For any tax payer, doing nothing will not yield any result in any benefit on the tax front. Thus if there is some outcome desired, then there will have to be efforts to get that particular outcome. When it comes to the question of getting an income tax refund, the first thing that has to be done is to file an income tax return which mentions all the correct figures about the income, deductions and tax paid. This will result in a demand for the refund based on documentary evidence.

Filing the income tax return is just a part of the process because doing this by the due date will ensure that this helps the tax payer in getting the refund. There are different due dates for people falling in different categories.  It is not that missing the initial due date will kill the refund, as you could still get your refund if you file the returns a bit late. But, there are some conditions under which this will happen. Otherwise you can find the entire process delayed and in several cases the workings will change and hence to avoid such a situation it is better that you are  able to file it in  time and then move ahead on the  process,

Give complete information
It is also important to avoid mistakes and disputes in the tax calculation process by giving all the required information which is also the right information. This will ensure that all the details are available with the tax authorities for them to be able to make the required workings and then quickly issue a refund. Otherwise, there could be a lot of time wasted in the process of giving the information as the tax officer will call for the information and this will then be sent by the tax payer which will be evaluated and then the effect given to arrive at the final situation.

Giving complete information will cover all the details about the income that has been earned plus the details of the tax saving investments or deductions, tax paid details as well as the other information that is required in the tax return form. Filling in the appropriate form that is required will also be helpful for the individual and it will ensure that the process has been completed properly.

Give TDS and other tax paid information.
There are a lot of times when the key information related to the tax actually paid by or on behalf of the tax payer is not given. A refund case will arise when there is some tax that is collected by the government when this should not have been done or that the tax collected is in excess of what should actually  be collected. In such a situation giving the complete information about the tax that has been deducted and then taken with the government is vital.

Further if there is some additional tax that has been paid on behalf of the tax payer then this should also be mentioned so that these can be traced and then the individual will get the refund quickly. Now there is also the facility of checking the tax paid details through the website of the tax department (also called Form 26AS) and the tax payer can also check that the figure of tax that they are showing as being paid matched with the amount deposited with the government. If this is done then it will help the refund process speed up.

Paying attention to details
While preparing and filing the income tax return it is important that the individual looks at some information carefully to ensure that this is reflected appropriately. The bank account details mentioned in the return need to be correct so that the amount of the refund can come directly here thus saving time for the tax payer. Further giving the right working and calculations in the income and tax figures will help in ensuring that the process is cleared quickly.  All this will go on to ensuring that there is an early refund that awaits the tax payer leading to less wastage in time as well as effort.