How to study CA (Chartered Accountant) Examination?

Here is some useful tips while studying Chartered Accountants Examination.
 CA degree is not hard but you have to take efforts according to that.
1. In every subject, there are some critical questions which we cannot remember its answers particularly theory subjects like IT, ISCA, Law, Audit or SFM theory etc.

Tip : 
a. If you find such a questions then take xerox copy of same pages from that book and you will find total 20 to 25 pages per subject. Then, while at the time of every revision when you will reach such question in book, please read the same question from that xerox copy. Hence, in exam hall when questions from that theory comes then you will automatically remember only these xerox pages. 
b. One more tip for this problem : Select  one common place for such type of questions for e.g. if you daily study in your bedroom, then read such a critical questions on your terrace and at the time of every revision read such type of question on your terrace only.
2. Everyone finds difficulty in remembering some definition, some important sections or some important sentences. 
Tip : If you find such a difficulty, my suggestion is……
Whenever you will think that I have to remember this definitions or sections then wherever you will find such a definitions or sections in book then pickup some 50 to 60 pages of the same book from that page and write the same definition on header of the page no. 50 or 60.
With the help of this, when you will come on page no. 50 or 60 then automatically  you will once again read and remember these definitions or sections.
3. In practical subject like SFM, Costing we have to remember formulae without which we cannot solve problems and also for remembering Sections.
Tip :
a. In practical subjects, you will find at least four or five chapters which contains important formulae. In my opinion write all five chapters formulae on five blank pages and staple it. While solving problems see formulae from that pages only and paste it on wall wherever you daily study.
b. And also whenever you will become boring or at every night after completion of your study review these pages.
c. And you can also ask one another while going outside or while chatting with your friends for e.g. what is AS 9, what is Section 274 etc.
d. Same tip you can follow for remembering Sections, AS and SAs.
4. For practical subjects like Accounts, Costing, SFM following practices you have do :
In my opinion, for practical subjects PRACTICE IS MUST.
a. Every Practical subject’s chapter contains 50 to 60 problems then while at the time of every revision you have to solve all these problems without seeing. First solve all problems from tuition notes without seeing and from Practice Manual of ICAI and then if you use any other author book then solve some unsolved problems from it.
Solving from Practice Manual is must. (Purchase dot matrix print pages from outside and solve on it)
Suggestion is that….
  Any type of Success will never come without struggle, So you have to take so much efforts for achieving such type of course like Study daily minimum 11 hours. I am talking about net 11 hours (i.e. only study hours).
  Keep your daily schedule fixed for e.g time of breakfast, time of lunch and time of taking break.
  Make Plan for study : For next 5 to 6 days you should make a plan
  Following you have to do :
Keep your mobile in switched off mode for 2 months.
Don’t recharge for net package.
Meet friends only for some queries.
  Everyone study daily 2 or 3 subjects but my way is that I had studied one subject for all four or five days and after completion of that only I used to study another subject. And for this purpose you have to plan accordingly and according to that plan only you must complete particular subject.
             For e.g.  From 1 to 6 march   –  Accounts
                            From 7 to 10 march  –  Law
                            From 11 to 15 march – SFM 
                            From 16 to 20 march     – Audit