Theory Questions for ICWA Inter (Group-1)


                Theory Questions for ICWA Inter (Group-1)
                                     Difference between:
1)Reserves & Provision.
2)Income and Expenditure & Payment and Receipts.
3)Hire Purchase & Installment Purchase.
4)Capital Receipts & Revenue Receipts.
5)Share Holders & Debenture Holders.
6)Depreciation & fluctuation.
7)Capital Expenditure & Revenue Expenditure.
8)Shares & Debentures.


                  Write Short Notes on:

1)Profit Prior to Incorporation.
2)Joint Life Policy.
3)Rebate on Bills Discounted.
4) Non-Banking Assets.
5) Non-Performing Assets.
6) Contingency Reserve.
7) Development Reserve.
8)Tariff and Dividend Control Reserve.
9) Clear Profits.
10) Debt-Equity Ratio.
11) Minimum Rent.
12)Treatment of Short Workings in Royalty.
13)How to treat abnormal loss in Bank a/c and Branch a/c.
14)Issue of Shares at Discount u/s 79 of Companies Act.
15) Escrow Account.
16)SEBI guidelines and Modes of Buy-Back of Shares.
17)Conditions for Issue of Redemption of Preference Shares.
18)Company Law Provision for Issue of Shares at Premium and Utilization of
Securities Premium.
19)SEBI regulation on issue of debenture and Creation of Redemption Reserve
restriction on dividend.
20)Different methods of Redemption of Debentures.
21)Ex-Interest and Cum Interest.
22)Schedule 6 requirements of companies act
23)Divisible profit, source of payment of dividend.
24)Guidelines of Bonus Issues.
25)Computer Software Accounting.