Time Management for Accounts Professional

Time Management helps individuals assign correct time slots to activities as per their importance. The right allocation of time to the right task in order to make the best possible use of time refers to time management. Time is limited and one can’t afford to waste it. Time once lost never comes back, no matter how much efforts you put in.

An individual who wastes time at workplace is liked by none and finds it difficult to achieve targets within the stipulated time frame. His work is never finished on time and is often criticized by fellow workers and superiors.

Let us go through some Time Management Tips for Professionals:

Reach office on time.- Avoid taking frequent leaves from work. It is important to be punctual for effective time management. Do not roam here and there.

The first thing an employee should do in the morning is to prepare a Task Plan – Write down what all needs to be done in a single day against the time slots you wish to assign to particular tasks as per their importance. Urgent assignments must be completed first followed by low priority tasks. Once the task is complete, tick it off. You will feel relieved.
Do assign some time for your personal calls, catching up with old friends on Facebook, writing updates on Twitter or even booking movie tickets for weekends.

Manage yourself well – Keep your workstation clean and organized. The files and important documents must be kept at their proper places. Avoid keeping stacks of files and heaps of paper at the desk. Throw whatever you don’t need. Never write on loose papers as you would definitely loose them after some time. Keep all your personal belongings at one place.

Do not clutter your desktop – Create separate folders to organize your documents. Delete whatever files and folders you don’t need. Manage your emails well.

 Use a planner or organizer to plan your day well – A table top calendar never lets you forget important dates and meetings.

Leave a little early for meetings outside office. Do keep margin of time for traffic jams, diversions or other unavoidable conditions on road.

Set priorities for yourself – Do not accept any task which you yourself know is difficult for you to accomplish within the allotted time period. A firm “NO“ in the beginning will save your reputation later.

Be clear about your goals and objectives – The KRAs of an employee must be communicated to him clearly. Know your targets. If you feel your targets are unrealistic, speak to your reporting Boss immediately. Plan things well. Planning helps you complete tasks on time.

Avoid gossiping or loitering around at the workplace – Your office does not pay you for playing games on computer during office hours. Do not work only for salary and to please your Boss. Work for yourself. The dedication should come from within.

Avoid long personal calls during office hours -. Remember if you finish your work on time, you will have enough time for your friends and family after office hours. A balance between personal and professional life is essential to be successful in the long run. 
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