Tips For Passing Group I of IPCC


The following steps can make you to pass IPCC group 1 even if you prepare in last month.


·         Prepare small chapters like Profit or loss prior incorporation, average due date etc you definitely get 10 marks out of them.
·         Accounting Standards form 20 – 30 marks of your question paper.
·         Partnership and Amalgamation (Prepare any one of them if you cant prepare both).


·         Prepare Business Laws first as they are less in no. of pages to read.
·         Go for Ethics if you complete with business laws.
·         Next communications.
·         And finally Company law (be well in basics of company law).

Costing and Fm

·         Prepare costing first as fm questions are difficult to understand some times.
·         Labour, overheads, materials 3 important topics of costing
·         Easy chapter time value of money.


·         Service tax 25 marks & vat 25 marks hardly 100 pages.
·         Next go for basics of IT
·         Next Income frm Salaries
·         Income frm House property
·         Next go directly to clubbing and carry forward of income.
·         Set off and carry forward of losses
·         Income from other sources
·         Next deductions.