Data Synchronisation in tally.ERP9


Synchronisation in tally.ERP9
1. Using Tally.Net – Requires subscription.
2. Using IP – Doesnot requires subscription.
Steps related to synchronisation-
-On server > Press F12 > Advanced configuration > Tally is acting as server > enter and accept it .
-Enable security control for the server company > Check and connect name in F11 > Tally.Net features
-Press F4 to connect the company on server.

-On client Press F12 > Advanced configuration > Tally is acting as client and accept it.
-For client company > enable security control > On client > go to gateway of tally> import of data > synchronisation  > client rule> create
-On client . go to gateway of tally > Import of data > synchronisation >
client rule note- You all get the message Sync start company name: Sync end in control panel.
On server > go to gateway of Tally > Import Of Data > Synchronisation > server rule > activate .
 F12 : advanced configuration
1. Enable sync logging (stock req.log)- It generates a log file inside Tally folder which contains the information about the synchronised vouchers.
2. Truncate the previous log file before synchronisation- It overwrites  the contents of previous log file .
3. Enable http log (Tally HTTP log)- HTTP .log file gets generated to login all soap & HTTP  port request  responses
4. To synchronising the data in between , command is Alt + Q
Exchange snapshot online – is also called as bulk synchronisation (For companies having huge data)