How to configure SMS (short message service) in Tally.ERP9

SMS in TALLY ERP 9 Accounting Software 

Enable security control for the company > login from the admin level > Press Alt + F3 > security control > user and passwords > enter e-mail id > enable allow SMS > Press F11 on the gateway of Tally > features > enable SMS access and provide SMS company name (upto 10 digits only) > press Ctrl + K > Press Alt + W > my profile > enter mobile no. and accept it. > on the gateway of tally >
press F4 to connect company > now send SMS from the registered mobile number to 566779 along with the suffix number.

 Change of SMS suffix—- After connecting the company > login as remote user > enter the remote email id > in the list of online companies > place the cursor on the company and press Alt + C > provide the new sufffix number