Interview Questions for freshers Chartered Accountant’s (CA)

Here is General Interview Questions for freshers CA’s which are asked in almost every interview irrespective of the type of job profile. These Interview Questions are more important for freshers as they generally don’t have much to talk on the experience side.

One thing you should remember in any interview is, you should be completely honest about your work and experience else you may get in to problem.

Interview Questions relating to your CV/Resume


>> Take me through your resume / Tell me about your self?
This question is asked as interviewer may not had the chance to review your resume in advance and it also gives and idea of your communication skills.
Answer should be approximately 1 minute and you should try to highlight your interest areas and your experience during internship if any.
Focus on more recent experiences and ones that are relevant to the position.
Do not read from your resume; practice it in advance.
A sample answer for a fresher Chartered Accountant who is apply for a internal audit job can be:
After completing my Senior Secondary (12th) from  “XYZ school”, I decided to take up CA course. I did my articleship from “XYZ firm”, In my 3 years of articleship I have worked in Statutory Audit, Internal Audit and Tax audit as well covering all aspects from vouching till finalization. I really enjoyed my experience as I got exposure to clients in various industries.
I have been a fast learner at work and was able to quickly grasp the working methodology as explained by my Managers. In one of the clients in my final year of articleship, I handled the complete audit of a 1500 crore turnover company all by myself and direct review was done by Firm’s partner.
I like to work in the area of internal audit as it involves a lot of analytical thinking and gives a overall perspective of the company.  

>> Why this company?
Highlight about how good the company brand is.
If you have a friend working in the company you can tell how impressed you are with company work culture.
Connect the job with your experience and interest area.

>> How can you add value to our organization?
Connect the job with your experience.
Highlight how good you were in your work at your previous company and favored by most.
If the job is related to an area whrein you can excel by additional qualification, you can tell them that you are planning to take that additional qualification. (be honest)

>> Tell me a difficult situation which you faced in your previous company and how did you handled it?
You can bring in experience from your internship relating to a specific situation or client.
Try to give an example which was easily solved and you really know about that situation.

Behavioral Questions
>> What are your strengths?
While telling your strengths, you should also provide example on how that strength has helped you in the past.
Some of the strengths could be:
Analytical skills
Fast learner
Attention to detail
Team player
What are your weaknesses?
Tell about areas where you are weak, but also highlight the steps you are taking to reduce the weakness.
Do not ever try to tell weakness such as ‘I work to hard’ or ‘I go too much in detail’.

>> Where do you see yourself after 5 years?
Here interviewer is not talking about the level (Manager, Senior manager or like), rather he is interested in knowing what are you interested in long term.
You can highlight your interest area (connecting it with the job) and mention that for next 5 years you will like to get more knowledge and experience in this area.
A sample answer for a fresher CA interviewing for a medium size CA Firm can be:
In my articleship, most of my experience was concentrated around audit. So for next few years, with audit I want to work in other areas like taxation and due diligence. This will help me in strengthening my core knowledge of these areas and grow professionally.

Other Common Interview Question for freshers?


>> What do you know about this organization?
Do not forget to visit the website of the company.
Understand what the business model is and what all products/services are provided by the company.
This question helps interviewer in understanding your interest about the job. If you are interested you would have done some research.

>> Are you applying for other jobs?
Be frank and tell them yes you are. Don’t go in detail.
Try to tell the names/jobs which matches with your interest area as communicated to the interviewer.

>> Are you open to work in shifts/long hours?
If you have any specific reservation for shifts then you should say no.
Interviewer many a times also want to check the flexibility of candidates.