How to crack CA Final / IPC Examination?


Ca Final/ IPC exam are going to be held in May month of 2016 & students are trying to give their personal

crack ca final exam
How to crack CA Final exam?

best to crack the exam but most of the students commit some common mistake which they should avoid achieving success in the examination & one of the mistakes is “Studying without Rules”

I am providing here golden rules with my personal experience to crack an examination-
One & Half Times
It is one of the most common but important rule to crack exam and relates to time management. Apply this rule to complete your question paper in a timely manner with a sufficient time for revision just put a wrist watch in front of you on the desk in examination hall and try to complete every answer within one & half times against the number allotted to the question, in that way you can complete your 100% paper with in time separating sufficient time for revision.
Be Average Always
2nd and my personal favorite rule is “Be average” i.e. try to give equal respect to all questions because five average answers in an answer sheet can fetch you more marks then four good answers. Simply apply this to your studies as well don`t give extra time to your favorite subject and neglect which you dislike because at last you have to score 40 marks individually in each subject along with 50% in aggregate.


Exam Oriented
Most common mistakes done by most of the CA students are not doing Exam oriented studies. As most of the students try to delve in to the topics of their interest and forgot the ultimate aim to achieve success in exams. It is good to understand the topic in depth but guys try to understand what is the benefit of five good topics that clearly understood by you of your interest, if you ultimately got fail in exams. So try to do exam oriented study always coz after passing exam a professional life is waiting for you to delve in to the topics.
Give Thirty achieve Forty & Fifty!!
 No matter how many hours a day you study from how many months before the exam days but the most crucial time is Thirty days before the exam if you not utilize this time in a well planned manner for revision of all the subjects you never got succeed in your exams.
“Power of the prayer” Strange but true!! Give some time on a daily basis to God & meditation because it makes the difference in you by energizing you with new energy and give you the immense power to overcome your obstacles and helps you to achieve your aims in life.
Wishing all CA students a great success in the forthcoming examination!!
“The only thing in the whole word that can stop you to achieve your goals is YOU”