Sales Tax Registration Procedure – MVAT


1) Proof of Constitution of business (as applicable)

I. In case of proprietary firm  : No proof required
II. In case of partnership firm : Copy of Partnership Deed
                                                     (Registered or unregistered)
       III.     In case of Company           : Copy of List of present Director obtained from 
                                                      MCA website & 
      Copy of Certificate of Incorporation

2) Proof of Permanent residential address *(Please provide at least 2
    Documents out of the following documents containing the name and
    Present address).

A) Any One from the following

1. Copy of passport
2. Copy of driving license
3. Copy of election photo identity card
4. Copy of ration card.
5. Copy of MTNL/BSNL landline Bill
6. Copy of Saving Bank Passbook ( First page & Last Transaction page )
7. Copy of Bill of Domestic Gas Connection. 

B) Any One from the following

1. Copy of property card or latest receipt of property tax of Municipal
      Corporation/Council/Granmpanchayat as the case may be.
2. Copy of latest paid electricity bill in the name of the applicant.
3. Copy of Latest Society Maintenance Bill in the name of applicant
4. Copy of Co-op. Society share certificate in the name of applicant

    3).   Proof of Place of business

I) In case of owner:
 Proof of ownership of premises viz. copy of property card or
 Ownership deed or agreement with the builder or any other relevant

II) In case of tenant:
  Proof of tenancy/sub-tenancy like copy of tenancy Sub-tenant 
  Agreement or rent receipt or leave and license or consent letter, etc.
  Supported by Documents showing ownership of licensor or person
  Giving consent.

4). Two latest passport size photograph of the applicant. 

5). Bank cancelled cheque leaf.

     6). One more ID Proof Like Voter ID/ Passport / Aadhar Card

7). Registration Fee of Rs.5025/- and Security Deposit of Rs. 25000/- 

           8). PAN Card:
i) In case of proprietary firm   : Proprietor’s PAN Card
ii) In case of partnership firm  : PAN of partnership firm & of all partners 
iii) In case of Company            : PAN of Company and of all Directors

1 In Case of Compulsory Registration for exceeding of Turnover

1. In case of Importer (OMS Purchases) Turnover should exceed Rs.100000 and Taxable Turnover should be more than Rs.10000/-

2. In case of Maharashtra Dealers the Turnover should be more than Rs.10,00,000/-
3. Purchase and Sales Bills along with list party wise, date wise, Day wise
4. Lorry Receipt for Interstate Purchase 
5. If any Purchase or Sale is done in cash, confirmation of the party.
6. Registration has to be done within 30 Days of the date on which the turnover has exceeded.
7. Registration charges are Rs.525/-