Tally ERP 9 Data Analysis and Reporting

The data and various reports generated by Tally can be exported to Excel Worksheet for further analysis. There are two different methods of exporting data
1)     Export of data
2)     Connecting through ODBC (Open Data Base Connectivity)1) Export of data –
In all the reports generated by Tally, on right hand corner panel, you will find an option to export the report. On pressing that option, it will ask whether to export or not. If any displayed parameters are to be changed, then so no and change the displayed parameters. So saying no, it goes to option Output File Name, press Backspace twice to go to option of different formats –
a)     ASCII (Comma Delimited)
b)     HTML (Web-Publishing)
c)      SDF (Fixed Width)
d)     XML (Data Interchange)Under ASCII (Comma Delimited) format, the data is exported without column headings. The data is separated by comma. The HTML format can be used for putting information on the internet. Similarly, the file exported in this format has all the headings, sub-headings, etc. The said generated report can be opened in excel also and can be modified. The data exported by SDF format is like the E-TDS returns generated, each column have fixed width, thus increasing the size of the file. XML format is used for transferring data in another package or program accepting such data.2) Connecting through ODBCThe exported data as mentioned above has a limitation that on modification of data made in the Tally does not make corresponding change automatically in Excel Sheet. Whereas, the data exported through ODBC, gets automatically updated in Excel Sheet.

How to use ODBC

In tally, select a company. Then press Ctrl + N to activate ODBC Server. On activation, it can be observed that the bottom screen of tally gets highlighted. Now, go to excel worksheet. Go to Data – Get External Data – New Database Query – Choose Tally ODBC Database. Now it will give option to select the columns available in different tables for which data is required.
Like for getting Trial Balance, we require from Ledger Table following items, Closing Balance, Name and Parent.
After selection of columns, it will lead to further options, make the selection and finally it will return the data to Excel Worksheet.
Thereafter, we can make analysis of data. The said data gets automatically updated with the option Refresh Data in the Data Toolbar