TALLY ERP 9 Notes for Data Audit


1.         Debit balance in the Directors Account which will be considered as deemed dividend
            a.         Open the directors ledger account
            b.         To find out whether he has debit balance any time during the
                        Press F12 : Configure and Set option High/Low Details to Yes
            c)         If there is any debit balance, it will be shown in the details at
                        the bottom

2. Gross profit feature ‑
This feature gives amount of gross profit earned from the transaction or series of transaction.
A) Go to Stock Summary and press F7: Show Profit
            This will show the profit earned each stock groupwise.
            To get further details stock itemwise, press F1: Detailed
B) To get the details of profit earned each sale voucher wise
            Go to Sales Register ‑ Display ‑ Accounts Books ‑ Sales Register
            Enter on any month and press F7: Show Profit
            This will give the profit each sale bill wise.
The above gross profit is disclosed on the basis of method of valuation of stock as default. To know the profit as per all other different methods of valuation available in Tally Accounting Package press, Alt + N for activating Auto Column
It will give various options. Out of which, one of the options is Stock Valuation Methods. On selecting this option, it will provide details under various stock valuation methods. To get the details only by one or some of the methods of your choice, press Alt + C for activating New Column.
3.         Agewise analysis of stock ‑ useful to comment on write off
Go to Display ‑ Inventory Books ‑Ageing Analysis (DIA)
To change the ageing periods, press F6 : Ageing Period which allows you to specify the different ageing periods.
4.         Consolidated Debtors List of two or more
First, we will have to keep more than one companies simultaneously. Then, go to Debtors List from the Balance Sheet ‑ Current Assets ‑ Debtors
To simultaneously view the details of debtors of another company, Alt + C for activating New Column. Select the another company for which, you want to see the details of Debtors
5.         Internal MIS reports useful for audit purpose
There are various predefined MIS reports called as EXception Reports. To view those reports, press Display ‑ EXception Reports (DX).
6.         Interest calculation ‑ This function we have used to get the details of delay in various payments as well as for maintaining fixed asset register. The same is also useful for finding out or checking the amount of interest charged or paid on various loans. The same is available in various reports by pressing F8 : Other Report.
7. Report of different items ‑ turnover with particular debtors & creditors
Display ‑ Inventory Books ‑ Movement Analysis ‑ Ledger Analysis (DIML)
This will generate the report specifying the details of sales or purchase to a particular party item wise giving details of quantity, rate and amount
8.         Report of Groups/Ledgers ‑ payment performance
This report helps in identifying the payment performance of particular ledger or group. In any particular ledger account of group display, press F8: Other Report and this option is available.
9.         Stock Summery & Movement Analysis

This option is available for making comparison of prices of purchase and sale partywise alongwith total quantity. This feature enables to compare the rates as well as identifying major suppliers or customers for particular item of stock. This feature will also be useful on commenting whether the transactions with related parties are at reasonable rates.