Labour Turnover (i)                  Separation Rate Method = Number of separations ina period ÷ Average number of workers in the period x 100 (ii)                Replacement Method = Number of replacements in […]

Project Report for Bank Loan: Basic Information required:  What is the nature of Business: Manufacturing, Trading, Service, Professional   What is the Constitution of Business: Proprietorship, Partnership Firm, Pvt. Ltd. Co. […]

Meaning: E-way bill is an electronic way bill for movement of goods which can be generated on the GSTN common portal. When an E-way bill is generated, a unique E-way […]

Marginal Costing equation, profit volume ratio, Break even point, Margin of safety,cost break even point,finding  the selling price, finding the profit,.                   […]

NET WORTH CERTIFICATE We hereby certify below the position of Assets & Liabilities of the person mentioned hereunder as on 31.03.18 The same has been verified from the records & […]

1) Bonds are for storing wealth and equities are for creation of wealth. 2) In my opinion, the biggest asset one can have is zero debt. 3) The greatest discipline […]