Calculation of machine electricity and power consumption

Historically, horsepower was the first power unit emerged and widely used around the world. In the middle ages, a horse was one of the most important elements of almost every household, that is why starting from the 18th century, with the development of first steam engines, a horsepower was chosen as a great comparative unit of power.

In our times, there are a few types of horsepower are used. In those countries where the Imperial system is practiced, mechanical or imperial horsepower is used, which is approximately equal to 745.7 watts. Electrical horsepower is a unit that is equivalent to 746 watts. It is usually used for rating electric motors and engines. There is also metric horsepower which has been used in Europe since the beginning of the 19th century. It is equivalent to roughly 735.5 watts.

Horsepower to Kilowatts Calculation

1 hp = 33,000 ft·lbf / minutes

1 hp = 33,000 ft·lbf / 60 seconds

1 hp = 550 x 0.3048 x 0.453592376 m·kgf/s

1 hp = 76.04022591264 kgf·m/s

applying gravity constant

1 hp = 745.699872 N·m/s

by definition

1 ft = 0.3048 m

1 lb = 0.453592376 kg

we need kilowatts

1 kW = 1000 W

1 hp = 745.699872 N·m/s · (1/1000)

1 hp = 0.745699872 kW

Hp to kW Conversion Table

HorsepowerKilowattsRounded Kilowatts
1 hp0.745699872 kW1 kW
5 hp3.72849936 kW4 kW
10 hp7.45699872 kW7 kW
15 hp11.18549808 kW11 kW
20 hp14.91399744 kW15 kW
25 hp18.6424968 kW19 kW
30 hp22.37099616 kW22 kW
35 hp26.09949552 kW26 kW
40 hp29.82799488 kW30 kW
45 hp33.55649424 kW34 kW
50 hp37.2849936 kW37 kW
55 hp41.01349296 kW41 kW
60 hp44.74199232 kW45 kW
65 hp48.47049168 kW48 kW
70 hp52.19899104 kW52 kW
75 hp55.9274904 kW56 kW
80 hp59.65598976 kW60 kW
85 hp63.38448912 kW63 kW
90 hp67.11298848 kW67 kW
95 hp70.84148784 kW71 kW
HorsepowerKilowattsRounded Kilowatts
100 hp74.5699872 kW75 kW
105 hp78.29848656 kW78 kW
110 hp82.02698592 kW82 kW
115 hp85.75548528 kW86 kW
120 hp89.48398464 kW89 kW
125 hp93.212484 kW93 kW
130 hp96.94098336 kW97 kW
135 hp100.66948272 kW101 kW
140 hp104.39798208 kW104 kW
145 hp108.12648144 kW108 kW
150 hp111.8549808 kW112 kW
155 hp115.58348016 kW116 kW
160 hp119.31197952 kW119 kW
165 hp123.04047888 kW123 kW
170 hp126.76897824 kW127 kW
175 hp130.4974776 kW130 kW
180 hp134.22597696 kW134 kW
185 hp137.95447632 kW138 kW
190 hp141.68297568 kW142 kW
195 hp145.41147504 kW145 kW
200 hp149.1399744 kW149 kW

once you worked out  your machine’s KW you can easily calculate per day consumption of electricity (KWh*no. of hours machine run time per shift * no of shifts per day*no days factory run in a month)*Electricity charges per KWH (unit)

you will get your machine’s electricity consumption cost which will be very helpful in determination of costing of products.

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